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Re: E484: Can't open file /usr/share/vim/syntax/syntax.vim

03.10.2011 2:35, jan.kolar ÐÐÑÐÑ:
Oleksandr Gavenko (aka gavenkoa) wrote:

$ cat ~/.vimrc syntax on

    $ vim
Error detected while processing /cygdrive/e/home/.vimrc:
line    1:
E484: Can't open file /usr/share/vim/syntax/syntax.vim
Press ENTER or type command to continue

This issue reported previously:

I have no problem with syntax loading.

Did you try reinstall/upgrade/downgrade vim ?

:help syntax-loading
     Source $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/syntax.vim ....

for what VIMRUNTIME is, how it defaults and how it can be set.
(:let $VIMRUNTIME = "/home/piet/vim/vim54"  -- or what about :letglobal here

That because you use another Vim. I run vim from 'vim' package:

  $ cygcheck -c vim
  Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version        Status
vim                  7.3.254-1      OK

  $ which vim

  $ cygcheck -l vim

  $ cat /etc/postinstall/
/usr/sbin/update-alternatives \
	--install /usr/bin/vim vim /usr/bin/vim-nox.exe 10 \

I try all your suggested command and they all fail.

Also I note that there are no any Cygwin specific vim.README under /usr/share/doc/Cygwin nor under /usr/share/vim, /usr/share/doc/vim which is unusual situation for Cygwin package...

Search under:

list only:


which also does not contain $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/syntax.vim

Is it possible to get full featured Vim under Cygwin?

Or separate installation required?

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