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Re: LC_COLLATE vs. egrep -- bug or (non-)feature?

On 10/11/2011 02:49 PM, Henry S. Thompson wrote:


and don't set LC_ALL.

Hmm. Two remaining questions:

1) By 'preferred', I presume you mean my preferred setting, e.g. en_GB.utf8


  2) _Where_ should I set those values?  As far as I can tell I'm not
     currently setting them at all. . .

For individual users, ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile, ~/.zshrc, or whatever other shell-specific startup files you use, works well.

There's currently ongoing discussion about making cygwin's locale(1) program provide sane defaults based on the current Windows localization settings, which would then be incorporated into /etc/profile for system-wide default for all shells, but that thread hasn't yet settled on the final patches to use.

For a single override, do so in the script needing the override (and that's where setting LC_ALL=C is most commonly seen - for example, all ./configure scripts sanitize the world to the C locale up front).

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