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After update, exiv2 (next-to-latest version) aborts and stackdumps.

I'll paste in the body of one of the stackdump files presently. All three I have so far seen look identical to me.

This followed a run of setup.exe to reinstall some packages that showed up as incomplete during a cygcheck this morning. Unfortunately I haven't the complete list, just the names of the "bad" packages I grepped from it in mintty. The setup.exe utility only noted one error (inconsistency? hiccup?) and, as far as I could tell, it had nothing directly to do with libs or dependencies that exiv2 invokes in its operation. If the stackdumps suggest otherwise, I'll accept asmuch. These dump files were created within an hour of one another, and also within an hour of finishing the update in setup.exe.

The body of the latest exiv2.exe.stackdump file (Windows Explorer dates it "10/8/2011 5:19 PM") follows.

Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
0022C1C8  7C802542  (000006E0, 0000EA60, 000000A4, 0022C2BC)
0022C2D8  610C92FA  (00000000, 7C802600, 7C802542, 00000000)
0022C3B8  610C6057  (00000000, 00000000, 00000000, 00000000)
0022C408  610C643C  (00000514, 0022C430, 0022C548, 00000018)
0022C4C8  610C6551  (00000514, 00000006, 0022C4F8, 610C65F5)
0022C4D8  610C658C  (00000006, 0022CE80, 0051A81C, FFFFFFFC)
0022C4F8  610C65F5  (0051A7F8, 00000000, 0051ACB8, 0022C58C)
0022C5A8  610F52DD  (0051A7F8, 0022C5E4, 0022C5EA, 0051A7D8)
0022C5F8  62ED2623  (62F97290, 62F9728A, 0022C61F, 6102E732)
0022C628  62ED2A42  (0022C640, 00010000, 0022C708, 00000000)
0022C648  62EF1B65  (0022C668, DF0DF046, 0022C728, 0022C630)
0022C688  62F216F8  (00518BBF, 62F53F49, 0022C908, 62ECB435)
0022C698  62EC9C58  (00518B44, DF0DF046, 0022C7A8, 610E3916)
0022C908  62ECB435  (00518B44, 00518B54, 00000DC9, 610E3916)
0022CC98  62E6CFA4  (00518B28, 004F0884, 0022CCB8, 00407DA5)
0022CCC8  0040A155  (004F0880, 004F0698, 004F0880, 004F0518)
End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)

I really don't know what could be causing this. Has anyone else had stackdump problems with software not in the repositories, which they've kept installed through an update such as mine?

Just FYI: I posted to the support/discussion forum for Exiv2 less than half an hour ago, You can read that thread here: .

SJ Wright

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