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Re: tic0 dependency, was: urxvt-X terminfo and Bash readline

Charles Wilson Mon, 01 Jun 2009 14:27:05 -0400
>>> Note that in most cases (e.g. cygwin installations that were "in
>>> service" prior to 2-3 months ago, and had installed rxvt-unicode
>>> "back then") already had the "old" database entry installed -- and
>>> so only need the "new" one which *does* happen automagically. It's
>>> the mix of "I want to use an old program that hasn't been
>>> recompiled against the new ncurses, AND I am just now installing
>>> rxvt-unicode for the first time, AND I'm using the old program
>>> from inside this spiffy new terminal" that causes problems.

Tom Roche Fri, 30 Sep 2011 13:56:58 -0400
>> [This week] I installed a brand new cygwin onto a cygwin-virginal,
>> just-been-imaged box, then installed rxvt-unicode-* on it days
>> later. Certainly I have no interest in using some "old program that
>> hasn't been recompiled against the new ncurses": I just want cygwin
>> (which I regularly recommended to OP) to work OOTB.

>> So ISTM (unless I'm missing something, in which case, please enlighten
>> me), there's a bug here. Either

>> - `info` is 'an old program that hasn't been recompiled against the
>>   new ncurses', and should be.

Charles Wilson Fri, 30 Sep 2011 20:28:05 -0400
> This. info.exe is linked to cygncurses-8.dll, which is the last
> version of ncurses on cygwin that used the old database

So ... given that (correct me if wrong) `info` is part of the base cygwin distribution, that would seem to be a bug. Am I missing something? If not, what would be the appropriate way to request this bug be fixed? Or has that request already been made?

your assistance is appreciated, Tom Roche <>

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