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Re: cygwin started speaking German today

[from vacation]

On Sep  8 12:46, Bruno Haible wrote:
> After Cygwin 1.7 added working locales and defined LANG=C.UTF-8 for all users,
> libintl could be extended to respect the choices the user has made in the
> system control panels.

That's the wrong approach.  As I wrote in an earlier message with
respect to libintl, Cygwin is not Windows but a POSIX system in the
first place.  Do NOT call Windows functions in Cygwin libraries, unless
the lib is doing something very special which isn't provided by POSIX
functions.  Only call POSIX functions.  Don't mix the Cygwin and the
Windows environment.  Please leave the interfacing to the underlying OS
the sole job of Cygwin.  This includes how the internationalization
environment is handled.  Basically, if you add a #ifdef __CYGWIN__
to your code to call Windows functions, don't.


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