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RE: cygwin started speaking German today

Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 8/31/2011 10:00 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
> > Yes: please "restore" your system so that it's breaking, again, and then
> > send (as an attachment) the output of 'cygcheck -svr'.

cygcheck.out.gz attached.

> > Also, what are your existing Windows "Regional and Language Options" set
> > to in the Control Panel?

* tab 1: "Regional options":
  combobox "Standards and formats": "German (Germany)"
  combobox "Location"             : "Germany"
* tab 2: "Languages":
  combobox "Language used in menues and dialogs": English
* tab 3: "Advanced"
  combobox "Language for non-Unicode programs": "German (Germany)"

Maybe the last one is the reason, but I didn't change this for >1 year.

> In addition, what terminal were you using to run your 'mkdir' test
> (regular windows console, mintty, rxvt, etc); what shell (bash, tcsh,
> etc); and what were the settings IN that shell, of the following variables:

TERM=xterm  # run in blackbox WM ;-)

see cygcheck.out:
LANG = 'C.UTF-8'
(no LC_*)
> If the terminal you were using was mintty, then what are ITS settings
> (Options->Text: Locale + Character set).


Have a nice day,

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