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cygwin permissions problem on a network drive

I have problems with permissions on a network drive.? The drive is
maintained by others and I have no control over the Windows
permissions of the drive.

I have a directory on the drive and I can use Windows Explorer to
create and write files and subdirectories to it.? I can also use the
Windows 'mkdir' and 'copy' commands to create directories and write
files on the drive.

Until recently I could do the same things from cygwin.? But that has changed...

If I cd in cygwin to a empty subdirectory I have created on the drive
then I find:

$ ls -la
total 0
drwx------+ 1 bmetzenthen Domain Users 0 Jul? 4 11:51 .
drwx------+ 1 bmetzenthen Domain Users 0 Jul? 4 11:52 ..

Where 'bmetzenthen' is me:

$ whoami

If I now try to use cygwin to create anything then it fails (despite
it reporting that I have rwx permissions for the directory):

$ mkdir test
mkdir: cannot create directory `test': Permission denied

Similarly for 'touch':

$ touch test
touch: cannot touch `test': Permission denied

If a subdirectory (or a file) is created by Windows Explorer then
'rmdir test' works.? Similarly 'touch test' and 'mv test test2'.

Windows Explorer reports that the subdirectories (but not files) are
read-only but silently fails to remove its read-only flag if I try
that.? It reports that I have all permissions but not 'Full Control'.

My cygwin installation is up to date and cygcheck -c reports all packages as OK.

What should I ask the system administrator to change so that cygwin
will once again work on this drive?? Perhaps there is some new setting
(or an old one which has somehow changed) for cygwin that I have
failed to notice?

Bill Metzenthen

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