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"Console Windows Host" stopped working stopped working

.bashrc and.bash_profile missing

1.7.9: g_spawn with envp set doesn't see my envp unless it's setting PATH

Re: 1.7.9: Problem with line endings of Perl output redirected to a file with textmode mounting

1.7.9: where are ns_get16 and ns_name_ntop defined?

2 [main] sh 2848! _pinfo::dup_proc_pipe: DuplicateHandle failed, pid 2848, hProcess 0x158, wr_proc_pipe 0xE0, Win32 error 5

Re: Altgr+space doesn't print the expected cha racter when using bash and bÃpo keyboard layout

Re: Altgr+space doesn't print the expected character when using bash and bÃpo keyboard layout

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [SECURITY] Updated: subversion-1.6.17-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: mingw-binutils-2.21-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: mingw-gcc-{core,g++,fortran,objc}-4.5.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: mingw-pthreads-20110507-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] NEW: mingw-w32api-3.17-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Test update: perl-5.14.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppcheck-1.49-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gsl-1.15-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-runtime-3.18-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-{bzip2/bzip2-devel}-1.0.6-1; NEW: mingw-libbz2_2-1.0.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-{libgcrypt/libgcrypt-devel/libgcrypt11}-1.4.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-{libgpg-error/libgpg-error-devel/libgpg-error0}-1.10-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-{xz/liblzma-devel}-5.0.2_20110517-1; NEW: mingw-liblzma5-5.0.2_20110517-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw-{zlib,zlib-devel}-1.2.5-6; NEW: mingw-zlib1-1.2.5-6

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-i686-binutils-2.21.51-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-i686-gcc-4.5.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-i686-headers-1.0b_svn4214-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-i686-pthreads-20100619-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-x86_64-binutils-2.21.51-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-x86_64-headers-1.0b_svn_4214-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-x86_64-pthreads-20100619-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-x86_64-runtime-1.0b_svn4214-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty-0.9.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mksh-40-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mksh-40-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: p7zip-9.20.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: smartmontools-5.41-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Unicode text editor MinEd 2011.17

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wcd 5.1.5-1 -- Wherever Change Directory

[SSHD/mkgroup] sshd can't determine user-group relation when AllowGroups is used

Re: allowed Linux characters (and windows substitutes)...

Re: Altgr+space doesn't print th e expected character when using bash and bÃp o keyboard layout

asterisk appended to filenames when using cygwin sftp

bash: cygpath: command not found

BLODA addition? IntelliPoint 8.15

bug in pipe() and pipe2()

Bug with paths containing double slashes after double dot after a mount point

Build Errors building MIPS-ELF-GCC

building and testing GCC, extremely slow in NTFS, fast in FAT32

bzr completely broken?

clear has been named clearw?

Re: combination of bash and cmd.exe causes fatal error when used under CYGWIN=tty

Create file fails on network drives in cygwin-1.7.9-1

Creating package directory for Windows 7 64-bit from Windows XP Pro 32-bit

Cross complie linux make files onto a windows 7 machine using PGI Cygwin

cygcheck's understanding of TZ

Re: cygwin 1.7.5 psql does not run

Cygwin bash shell force closes on Amazon EC2 m2.xlarge Windows 2008 instances

Cygwin FAQ, incorrect sections 4.19, 4.20, 4.22, 4.23 with Cygwin 1.7.1+?

Cygwin ssh vs NIPS

Cygwin1.dll Init method hangs

Divergent file system contents, Cygwin versus Windows 7

does readline need (min)tty?

Re: Don't use snapshots until I send all-clear

Emacs and removal of CYGWIN=tty

Email Notification

Error message: setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application

Re: Error on executing /etc/postinstall/

fdisk on cygwin

fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable

G++ 4.3.4 (with Cygwin 1.7) vs.G++ 4.5.2 (with MinGW) ???

Gcc-mingw - check directory structure after updated my Cygwin from 1.5 to 1.7 (finally) before I read gcc-mingw announcement

git problem with recent snapshots should be fixed

GNU screen not redrawing properly

GNU screen won't run; "chown tty: no such file or directory"

grub install with cygwin

I have a new acronym for the list

infinite recursion in git-svn

install (unix command) permissions problem with mounted (non-W32) paths

Installing cygwin on Windows 7 prompts for Admin credentials

less locks the file

libGL1-7.10.1-2 fails to install


Re: m4 1.4.16-1 doesn't seem to work

mc problem on cygwin cvs HEAD

Mercurial not returning with 20110601 snapshot

message for the EIO error

MGS carte SD 32Go SDHC

MinGW cross-compiler: missing libraries

mintty and mouse cursor

Re: mintty font test

mksh 40-1 issues

Multi-term in Emacs under Cygwin doesn't correctly identify terminal type?

Re: OpenSSH: 5791 [main] sshd 9288! spawn_guts: CreateDesktop failed, Win32 error 8

perl 5.14

Problem with 20110616 snapshot, ssh-agent, and mintty

Re: problems running gcc after installation

Problems with emacs shell starting with 2011-05-05 snapshot

Programming Anti-patterns in Shell and Perl Scripts

Re: Question about exception when running gVIM 7.2

Removing envcache, display_title, strip_title as CYGWIN environment variable options

Re: Request for Update: p7zip

rsync v.3.0.7 over cygwin 1.7.6 fails...

run startxwin on snapshot

screen terminating with latest snapshot

Shopping Job

Strange cygpath behavior.

Syntax error from 'mingw' script while building cygwin DLL from source

tidy coredumping

TMP and TEMP get redefined, but I need the original values

Re: untarring symlinks with ../ fails randomly

Re: Updated: mingw-runtime-3.18-3

Re: User name in screen caption not displaying with snapshot from 28th

Version skew: Emacs 23.3-{1,2} vs cygwin1.dll/silent failure of emacs

Vim segv'ing

We have a "cygstart" -- why not a "cygstop"?

Re: Who's using "CYGWIN=tty" and why?

why does domain member workstation, when logging into PDC, send

Re: Why does windows have such probs with dynamically loaded libs?

Windows 7? Two different versions of a file depending on how it is accessed

windows-to-windows openssh buffering issue

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