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Re: Divergent file system contents, Cygwin versus Windows 7

Daniel Colascione <dan.colascione <at>> writes:
> On 6/26/11 11:37 AM, Andy wrote:
> > I achieved the desired effect of modifying the nonvirtualized
> > _vimrc by clicking on Compatibility Files to go to the
> > virtualization directory and moving it from there to the location
> > ov the nonvirtualized _vimrc (thus overwriting it).
> I usually run with UAC virtualization turned off, and I've
> experienced no ill effects. You can turn off the virtualization
> settings by disabling the "Windows Settings->Security
> Settings->Local Policies->Security Options->UAC: Virtualize file and
> registry write failures to per-user locations" option. See
> That said, it's absolutely crazy that you're trying to write to a
> vimrc in program files! Do you edit random files in /usr to change
> settings under other Unixish systems? The real problem here is
> vim's, and it's better to not let UAC mask such problems.

That's a very interesting switch.  I don't know what the best practice
is yet for that switch.  Virtualization can hide incompatibilities
with Win 7 UAC and allow those incompatibilities to perpetuate.  I'll
leave the switch on for now until I see whether an explicit best
practice emerges.

I like the idea of separating user and system files, like in unix.
However, the the vimrc file in Program Files is the default vimrc.  I
do in fact want to modify the default vimrc so that no matter what
account launches gvim, it will inherit those settings (unless they are
overridden by a local vimrc).  Since I am the only user of this
machine, new user accounts will only be created for experimental
reasons, or to generate default account settings for snafu-recovery

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