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Re: Divergent file system contents, Cygwin versus Windows 7

Michael Lutz <Michi_cc <at>> writes:

> Am 26.06.2011 17:14 schrieb Andrew Hancock:
> > Thanks for any comments or suggestions for courses of action.  I'm
> > beginning to wonder if a fundamental incompatibility with Windows 7
> > (64-bit, in case it matters) could prevent the use of Cygwin on my
> > machine.   Mega- :(
> It works as designed (TM). That's the Vista file virtualization in action,
> which is supposed to increase application compatibility in conjunction
> with UAC.
> Section "File Virtualization" from
> has more on it.

Thanks, Michael.  I also got a reply at
 That thread also provides a good reference to file virtualization: .

I achieved the desired effect of modifying the nonvirtualized _vimrc by clicking
on Compatibility Files to go to the virtualization directory and moving it from
there to the location ov the nonvirtualized _vimrc (thus overwriting it).

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