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Re: Strange cygpath behavior.

Greetings, Marco atzeri!

> On Win XP cmd.exe, is not always true that the
> two forms are equivalent (we are not anymore on CP/M, DOS age):

C:\Temp>>cd c:/Temp
> The system cannot find the path specified.

This has been fixed for Vista and Win7 to my knowledge.
At least last time I ran into issue with strange CMD gehavior in this regard
and asked for checks on more recent systems, people reported that it was,
indeed, a nonissue for them.

> and if I remember correctly also somewhere else in the core of MS system
> the "\" "/" are not equivalent.

Only if application trying to be "helpful" and "sanitize" pathname according
to some self-invented standards. Core fopen() does not care.

>>>    From your example:
>>> cygpath -u \\\\DAEMON1\\anrdaemon\\.profile
>>>    /c/DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile
>>> the argument is an escaped windows network path
>>> and the outcome is the Unix equivalent
>> Not true for the "outcome" part.
>> <stdout>:cygpath -w "/c/DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile"
>> C:\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile

> With your cygdrive mapping /c is the disk C: so the first looks like a
> Unix path and the outcome is the equivalent windows path.

Yep, that was the idea.

> Cygpath doesn't check if the path exist

Right. But it should at least care for them being what they supposedly are.
I.e. path starting from // or \\ (or \\\\ for the sake of example) is likely a
network path, rather than a mistype. 

>  From my bash shell, as cygdrive is not remapped:

> $ cygpath -w "/c/DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile"
> E:\cygwin2\c\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile

> $ cygpath -w "/cygdrive/c/DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile"
> C:\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile

Your example is okay, it perfectly illustrates the cygwin mount behavior, it's
just not related to the issue. :)

 Andrey Repin ( 26.06.2011, <19:41>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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