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Re: Version skew: Emacs 23.3-{1,2} vs cygwin1.dll/silent failure of emacs

On 6/23/2011 2:24 PM, John Kubiatowicz wrote:
On 6/23/2011 12:24 PM, Ken Brown wrote:

emacs-23.3-2 works fine for me with cygwin-1.7.9.

A program failing silently is often a sign of a missing DLL.  Maybe
one of the dependencies of emacs didn't get installed.  Try 'cygcheck
/usr/bin/emacs' and see if it reports anything missing.

But the complaint that I was getting was of the missing _feinitialise(). And, the only thing I did to fix it was install cygwin-1.7.8 dll...

I'm not near that machine now, but I will try what you suggest again later. Perhaps it was 23.3-1 that had the problem, not 23.3-2. Since both emacs' were failing silently, I assumed they both had the problem.

Note that one of the post-install scripts failed with 1.7.9 as well (not with 1.7.8), so not really sure what is happening.

More info later,

Ok. Now I'm thoroughly confused. All I did was install 1.7.9 cygwin dll again. Emacs works. Must have been a different dll that wasn't being installed. So, if this problem recurs, I'll run cygcheck.

Sorry for the apparent false alarm. Very weird.

The only thing that I can think of is that I may have upgraded from < 1.7.8 to 1.7.9 (i.e. upgraded past 1.7.8). So, perhaps I gained some dll that I was otherwise missing by downgrading to exactly 1.7.8 then back up to 1.7.9?


Professor John Kubiatowicz
673 Soda Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776

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