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Re: Version skew: Emacs 23.3-{1,2} vs cygwin1.dll/silent failure of emacs

On 6/23/2011 2:46 PM, John Kubiatowicz wrote:
There seems to be a problem with using the latest emacs and latest
cygwin dll together.

I updated my cygwin release yesterday in hopes of fixing the broken
openssh/git problem (which wasn't fixed!).  However, in the process I
lost emacs.

Behavior: all versions of emacs currently available with the cygwin
installer (i.e. 23.3-{1,2}) fail silently.

Under slightly more investigation, it turns out that they were failing
because of a missing routine: _feinitialise().

A little investigation suggests to me that perhaps this routine got
added to the 1.7.8 release and removed from the 1.7.9 release.  So, I
backed out to 1.7.8 dll and emacs worked again.  I suspect that emacs
needs to be recompiled to work with 1.7.9.

emacs-23.3-2 works fine for me with cygwin-1.7.9.

A program failing silently is often a sign of a missing DLL. Maybe one of the dependencies of emacs didn't get installed. Try 'cygcheck /usr/bin/emacs' and see if it reports anything missing.


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