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Re: Strange cygpath behavior.

Greetings, Peter Rosin!

>> I'm facing an unacceptable cygpath behavior related to the network shares.

> Unacceptable?


> Perhaps your quoting skills and expectations fall
> into that category...

>> The testcase is:
>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -u \\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile
>> //DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -u \\\\DAEMON1\\anrdaemon\\.profile

No, I did mean what I wrote.

>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -m \\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile
>> //DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -m //DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile


> (-m expects posix path arguments)

How come? Switch only defining the result, not the source data.

>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -lm \\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile
>> //DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -lm //DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

You think wrong.

>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -u "\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile"
>> /DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -u "\\\\DAEMON1\\anrdaemon\\.profile"

Again, no.

>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -m "\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile"
>> ///DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -m "//DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile"

No, yet again.

>> [\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon]$cygpath -lm "\\DAEMON1\anrdaemon\.profile"
>> ///DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile

> I think you mean cygpath -lm "//DAEMON1/anrdaemon/.profile"

No, for the last time.

>> Only unquoted path producing usable results, but it's not realistically
>> imaginable I would let it run this way.
>> One day I will sure meet a file with "]" in it's name, and the surrounding
>> environment will break. Or, even simpler, I'll hit a filename with spaces...
>> This issue arising in different places of cygwin (originally I got nailed by
>> it when trying to run diff across my now-network profile folder). cygpath is
>> just a closest example I could reach for this message.

Glad you quoted it, strange that you didn't read it.

 Andrey Repin ( 23.06.2011, <16:49>

Sorry for my terrible english...

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