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Re: less locks the file

Am 21.06.2011 10:18, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
On Jun 21 09:50, Jean-Pierre Bergamin wrote:
Dear cygwin-Users

When using less to follow a log file (less +F logfile.log), this
file is locked. So when I restart the application, it cannot delete
this locked log file and create a new one. So I always have to quit
less, before restarting the app, which I of course forget like every
2nd time... less does not lock on linux.

Is there any way I could tell less not to lock the file?

Upgrade Cygwin to the latest release might be an option. It's not less which locks the file, it's the fact that Windows does not allow to delete files which are in use. Recent Cygwin versions have a workaround for this.

Unfortunately, it also does not work with the latest cygwin version.
It seems to be some "special" behaviour with my app server anyway, since I can open any other file with less and delete it and recreate it, while less still has it open. No idea why the app server (virgo) fails.

But thanks anyway.

Best regards, James

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