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Re: Cygwin bash shell force closes on Amazon EC2 m2.xlarge Windows 2008 instances

On 6/20/2011 2:43 PM, Josh Gilmour wrote:
Hi All -

I have been seeing a weird issue with the AMI (ami-1cbd4475) - Windows
2008 R2 SP1. The issue is when I run the command 'if [ -e "file" ];
then echo "test"; fi' from the cygwin command prompt.

When this command is run, the shell closes with no error messages.
This does NOT happen on m1.large or m1.xlarge instances and appears to
only happen on the m2.xlarge instances. I have attached the output of
cygcheck below.

Actually, it looks like you inlined rather than attached. We prefer attaching so that the output doesn't end up in the search-able part of the message.

There have been some reports in the past of problems with Amazon
installations.  This may be another manifestation.  You may want to
contact Amazon about this issue.  I can say from your cygcheck output
that all is not well with your installation.  Your path is incomplete
and your '/etc/passwd' and '/etc/group' files don't have your user's
information.  You may want to try wiping the install and trying again.
If the problem persists and is unique to the m2.xlarge instances too,
then it may be another indication of the Amazon issue.



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