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Re: m4 1.4.16-1 doesn't seem to work

On Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 05:16:02PM +0000, Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> Uday S Reddy <u.s.reddy <at>> writes:
> > Eric Blake writes:
> > 
> > > Odd; that says all your dlls are in place.  The only other thing that I
> > > can suspect is that you have an incomplete dll, where you are missing a
> > > required entry point (perhaps you are running too old of a
> > > cygwin1.dll?).  What is $? after the failed m4?  Also, can you try
> > > opening up a cmd window, and running m4 from there, to see if you get a
> > > useful popup box? (running under a cygwin shell intentionally suppresses
> > > dll link error popup boxes)
> > 
> > Indeed, you were right to suspect the dll.  Reinstalling it cured the
> > problem.
>  Sorry to revive a relatively old thread but I have the same problem as
> Uday except that I couldn't fix it. To summarize:
> 1. After a routine Cygwin upgrade m4 stopped working, it exits with $?=127
>    without any messages, even when ran from cmd.exe and not Cygwin prompt.
> 2. Reinstalling m4 1.4.16 didn't change anything.
> 3. Rolling back to 1.4.15 fixed the problem and m4 runs ok now.
> 4. Re-upgarding to 1.4.16 reintroduced the same problem so it wasn't just
>    a bad upgrade or something like that.
> The output of cygcheck is the same for 1.4.15 and 1.4.16. However the
> output of ldd is normal for 1.4.15 but ldd hangs with 1.4.16 with m4 child
> process running but not doing anything.
>  So it seems to me that there is a real problem with m4 1.4.16.
> Unfortunately I don't know how to debug it further. For the moment I'm just
> going to stay with 1.4.15 but if anybody has any ideas for further tests
> I'd be glad to perform them and post the results.

You could download the source package, build it and try to see if it
makes a difference. Just an idea.

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