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Re: m4 1.4.16-1 doesn't seem to work

Uday S Reddy <u.s.reddy <at>> writes:

> Eric Blake writes:
> > Odd; that says all your dlls are in place.  The only other thing that I
> > can suspect is that you have an incomplete dll, where you are missing a
> > required entry point (perhaps you are running too old of a
> > cygwin1.dll?).  What is $? after the failed m4?  Also, can you try
> > opening up a cmd window, and running m4 from there, to see if you get a
> > useful popup box? (running under a cygwin shell intentionally suppresses
> > dll link error popup boxes)
> Indeed, you were right to suspect the dll.  Reinstalling it cured the
> problem.

 Sorry to revive a relatively old thread but I have the same problem as
Uday except that I couldn't fix it. To summarize:

1. After a routine Cygwin upgrade m4 stopped working, it exits with $?=127
   without any messages, even when ran from cmd.exe and not Cygwin prompt.
2. Reinstalling m4 1.4.16 didn't change anything.
3. Rolling back to 1.4.15 fixed the problem and m4 runs ok now.
4. Re-upgarding to 1.4.16 reintroduced the same problem so it wasn't just
   a bad upgrade or something like that.

The output of cygcheck is the same for 1.4.15 and 1.4.16. However the
output of ldd is normal for 1.4.15 but ldd hangs with 1.4.16 with m4 child
process running but not doing anything.

 So it seems to me that there is a real problem with m4 1.4.16.
Unfortunately I don't know how to debug it further. For the moment I'm just
going to stay with 1.4.15 but if anybody has any ideas for further tests
I'd be glad to perform them and post the results.


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