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Re: bash: cygpath: command not found

On 6/15/2011 10:03 PM, jairo supelano wrote:
Hi, i require to use cygpath, and this is supposed to come with standard
installation. i get this message, first i tried default installation, tough i
may have changed install defaults in the first try (i dont remember if i changed
them in the first try), but if i did, it was to add new packgages (bitmap libs,
gcc, xml and i believe something else but i dont rememebr what; i did this
because i am trying to run a project from source forge, and it said it required
those libs -except from gcc and opnegl, which i added by my account-). the thing
is, starting from scratch, i did not remove any defaults from the default
installation, though during installation, i got messages that some packages had
not a correct dm5 checksum, and it asked me if i wanted to skip those, and i
said yes (i assumed that if those packages were skipped or installed
incorrectly, they would be updated the next time i runned the setup program), so
anyway, i believe i downloaded the first time from '' (once again,
i am not sure), or whatever, in any case i need that utility and there is no
cygpath in my installation. so i try to run setup, and i tell it to 'reinstall'
the packages i believe may have something to do with cygpath, or that may
contain cygpath, including 'admin', 'utils', 'system', 'shells' and others, i
believe i told it to install 'utils' in full, but cygpath still does not appear
anywhere. i googled 'cygwin cygpath not found',a nd there was a thread in a
postgres list about the cygpath.exe something, and in the thread they suggest to
reinstall from scratch. in my case, or in any case that would be nasty; i
installed many packages, i dont remember wich ones, and i dont want to do this
all again, and if i try to install from scratch again, and the mirror also has
bad checksums or bad packages (no way to tell until the install is in progress),
then i am wasting my time, so is there any way to download the cygpath.exe and
write in the folder manually, and if so, where do i download it and where do i
copy it? (windows xp, installing for all users)

If you're getting messages about checksum problems, you're either having a problem with a particular mirror or your connection. If it's the former, try a different mirror. If it's the latter, try a better connection. ;-)

<> tells you the
package that cygpath comes in.  Given that it's in the package with the
Cygwin DLL, if you're not getting that package installed, you don't have a
valid Cygwin installation yet.  Your best bet is to resolve the installation
problem first.



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