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Re: Cygwin ssh vs NIPS

On 15/06/2011 4:09 PM, steve wrote:
I have been using Cygwin for several years to remotely manage my servers via ssh. In the last month our SiteProtector start killing my ssh connections. It is flagging it as a DOS. The specific NIPS rule is "ssh_ChallengeResponse_BO".

"This signature looks at 32768 bytes of SSH connection traffic beginning 1024 bytes after the software version information has been exchanged. The signature fires when if finds 48 consecutive characters of ASCII data. The number of bytes is examine ( and the number of consecutive ASCII bytes to trigger the signature ( are user configurable."
I had this happen once with an old Sun ssh -- turns out it was listing in the ssh preamble every language and locale it knew about, which turned out to be around 22k ascii char (!). I've never seen the problem with Cygwin before, though, and the network admin didn't tell me what he used to read the ssh preamble.

That said, 48 chars seems a tad low are you at liberty to change it?


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