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Re: GNU screen not redrawing properly

On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 01:32:39PM +0100, Andy Koppe wrote:
> Ah, this invokes screen itself with TERM=screen-256color, which tells
> it to talk to the outside terminal as if that's another screen, which
> is wrong. You want to be invoking it with TERM=xterm-256color instead
> (which can be selected on the Terminal page of the mintty options).
> Screen's '-T <term>' option determines the TERM variable inside
> screen. Setting that to "screen-256color" to tell applications that
> they're running in a 256-colour enabled screen does make sense.
> Btw, screen emulates 256-colour mode inside a terminal that only
> supports 16 colours, by mapping the colours appropriately. Of course
> you'll still only get 16 actual colours, but it's still better than
> having colour requests beyond the basic 16 ignored.
> Andy

Since Console2 is the only 16 bit terminal emulator I use, I suppose it would 
make the most sense to only not set xterm-256color when TERM == 'cygwin'.

Thanks for the explanation, and sorry I forgot to hit group-reply on my last 


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