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Re: GNU screen not redrawing properly

On 14 June 2011 13:12, Eric Pruitt wrote:
> Outside of screen, TERM=xterm. Inside of screen, well here is the relevant
> line from my bashrc; my screenrc doesn't have anything that would affect
> colors:
> Â ÂTERM=screen-256color GNU_SCREEN="active" screen -a -A -RR -T "$TERM" && \
> Â Â Â Âscreen -wipe || exit

Ah, this invokes screen itself with TERM=screen-256color, which tells
it to talk to the outside terminal as if that's another screen, which
is wrong. You want to be invoking it with TERM=xterm-256color instead
(which can be selected on the Terminal page of the mintty options).

Screen's '-T <term>' option determines the TERM variable inside
screen. Setting that to "screen-256color" to tell applications that
they're running in a 256-colour enabled screen does make sense.

Btw, screen emulates 256-colour mode inside a terminal that only
supports 16 colours, by mapping the colours appropriately. Of course
you'll still only get 16 actual colours, but it's still better than
having colour requests beyond the basic 16 ignored.


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