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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: smartmontools-5.41-1

Version 5.41-1 of smartmontools has been uploaded.

Changes include:
- Experimental support for Intel ICHxR RAID (/dev/csmiX,N)
- DEVICESCAN includes USB devices.
- Faster USB ID detection.
- Failed self-tests outdated by a newer successful extended
  self-test are no longer reported as errors.
- Support for ATA Long Logical/Physical Sectors (LLS/LPS).
- 'smartctl --scan-open' can create a draft smartd.conf.
- smartctl prints World Wide Name (WWN) of ATA device.
- smartctl option '-f brief' to select new attribute output
  format which includes more flags and fits in 80 columns.
- smartd logs identify information and WWN of each ATA device.
- smartd logs warning from drive database if present.
- smartd logs changes of offline data collection status.
- smartd directive '-l scterc,READTIME,WRITETIME'.
- smartd preserves last scheduled selective self-tests span.
- Many HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database.

For a full list of changes see NEWS and CHANGELOG in
/usr/share/doc/smartmontools and ticket report at

Please read the Windows and Cygwin sections in the INSTALL file.

For open issues see


Smartmontools contains utility programs (smartctl, smartd) to
control/monitor storage systems using the Self-Monitoring, Analysis and
Reporting Technology System (S.M.A.R.T.) built into most modern ATA
and SCSI disks. In many cases, these utilities will provide advanced
warning of disk degradation and failure.

Smartctl is a command line utility designed to perform tasks such as
printing the SMART self-test and error logs, enabling and disabling
SMART automatic testing, and initiating device self-tests.

Smartd is a daemon that monitors the drives every 30 minutes
(configurable), logs SMART errors and changes of SMART Attributes via
the syslog interface.
Smartd can also be configured to schedule self-tests and send email
warnings or run other scripts if problems are detected.
On Cygwin, smartd can be run as a windows service via cygrunsrv.

Christian Franke


To update your installation, click on the "Install or update now" link
on the web page. This downloads setup.exe to your
system. Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

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mailing list at: cygwin <at> .


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