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Re: TMP and TEMP get redefined, but I need the original values

Andy Koppe wrote:
On 12 June 2011 20:07, Ken Brown wrote:
On 6/12/2011 1:55 PM, Roland Bluethgen wrote:
But then, this modification would probably get
overwritten the next time something is changed in that file on the
distribution side.
No, it wouldn't get overwritten.  Your /etc/profile will only get
overwritten if it's unchanged from the default.

That can be a problem in itself though, if you do want to benefit from any updates.

I agree. To benefit from distribution side updates and still retain user side changes would require a merging operation on system update. FreeBSD does it this way, it's rather complicated procedure.

Therefore I think that the TMP/TEMP setting should go
into /etc/profile.d/ or some such, so that it can be removed or
modified without touching /etc/profile.

I'm not sure if it's so easy. The profile.d inclusion is performed pretty far down in /etc/profile and a properly set up TMP might be required before that point in the startup file.

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