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Re: problems running gcc after installation

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 9:24 PM, Jerry Lowry  wrote:
> looking at the chgcheck output I noticed that 'gdb' and 'ld' are not found.
> ?I check the
> setup repositories and did not find anything for 'ld'. ?Which section of the
> setup would you find gnu ld?

Hi Jerry,

ld (and also as) is part of the "binutils" package ("Devel" category
in Cygwin's setup program), as can be seen here:

You can use this page:  to search for
the Cygwin package containing a particular file.

I see that you have many "mingw" packages installed, including
mingw-binutils (which has its own ld.exe), but that is for building
non-Cygwin programs. For Cygwin programs (including compiled packages
for Cygwin's Python), you need the "plain" binutils.

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