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Re: Mercurial not returning with 20110601 snapshot

On 2 June 2011 08:27, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 06:43:40AM -0400, Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>>Testing the 20110601 snapshot I've run in to an issue where Mercurial
>>(specifically python) will not return to the command line when the
>>command completes:
>>I'm guessing this is related to the recent changes to pipe handling?
> Like other guesses about this: not necessarily.

Fair enough, I should know better than to assume.

> Could you provide the actual steps needed to duplicate the problem,
> assuming that anyone doing testing will not be familiar with mercurial?

It seems to be an issue with using mercurial over ssh versus mercurial
over http.  For example, cloning the Emerge Desktop repository over
http (read only) works fine:

hg clone

However, when I clone over ssh (for read/write) using my public key:

hg clone ssh://

The command appears to hang after the operation completes.

Unfortunately I don't know of an anonymous mercurial repository that
you can clone over ssh to recreate the issue.  Is there anything I can
provide in terms of an strace or anything?

Thank you,


Chris Sutcliffe

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