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Mercurial not returning with 20110601 snapshot

Testing the 20110601 snapshot I've run in to an issue where Mercurial
(specifically python) will not return to the command line when the
command completes:

csutclif@bmotec3017201lt:[/usr/src/emerge/default] $ uname -a
CYGWIN_NT-5.1 BMOTEC3017201LT 1.7.10s(0.248/5/3) 20110601 01:49:05 i686 Cygwin
csutclif@bmotec3017201lt:[/usr/src/emerge/default] $ hg pull -u
running ssh "hg -R
hgroot/emerge/emerge serve --stdio"
pulling from ssh://
searching for changes
no changes found

I have to Ctrl-C to get back to the prompt, doing a ps -efa in a
second window I see that the python process is still active (before
the Ctrl-C):

csutclif@bmotec3017201lt:[~] $ ps -efa
     UID     PID    PPID  TTY        STIME COMMAND
csutclif    1840       1 ?        06:30:38 /usr/bin/mintty
csutclif    5984    1840 tty0     06:30:38 /usr/bin/mksh
csutclif    4172    1840 ?        06:38:06 /usr/bin/mintty
csutclif    3884    4172 tty1     06:38:07 /usr/bin/mksh
csutclif    5304    5984 tty0     06:41:19 /usr/bin/python
csutclif    5620    5304 tty0     06:41:19 /usr/bin/ssh
csutclif    4952    3884 tty1     06:42:13 /usr/bin/ps

I'm guessing this is related to the recent changes to pipe handling?



Chris Sutcliffe

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