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Re: mintty font test

On 1 June 2011 16:44, Charles Wilson wrote:
> On 6/1/2011 1:27 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> and it's bound to always be somewhat out-of-date and
>> incomplete.
> Well, of course. ÂEverything on the web is out of date 15 minutes after
> posting. ÂThat doesn't mean it has no value.
>> I don't want to have to deal with requests to update it
>> for new versions of a font, to add more fonts (for example CJK fonts),
>> or to cover other aspects such as support for different languages or
>> maths symbols. In other words, I think the "Terminal Font Chronicler"
>> is a sizable project in its own right.
> If there is any intent to ensure it is comprehensive and current, yes. I
> don't have any such intent.

Me neither, but a wiki does create that expectation, even more so with
an issue tracker next to it ...

>ÂIt was reasonably comprehensive, and
> current as of the date it was created.


>> I should add an entry about choosing a font to the Tips wiki page
>> though, plugging DejaVu Sans and linking to your review, if you're
>> planning on keeping it at its current location.
> ÂI've been hitting Peter's bandwidth at pretty
> hard lately (with the mingw cross compiler hosted there for the last
> month, and now this page with 2.4MB of images), so I want to move or
> delete the page.
> Many of the references I found around the net about terminal fonts were
> in the form of blog posts. ÂBlog posts are naturally dated, and nobody
> expects a blogger to go back months later and update an old post (maybe
> fix typos within a few days of posting, but beyond that, no).
> So, I reckon I'll put it up on a blog post somewhere. ÂMaybe I'll start
> a special purpose blog at blogspot or something.

That sounds like the right approach to me.


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