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Re: mintty font test

On 6/1/2011 1:27 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:
> On 31 May 2011 16:17, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> I think this file, as well as the font-test stuff, would be most
>> accessible if added to the mintty wiki somewhere.
> I'm not keen on doing that.

That's fine, it's your site and project.

> The point remains that this is not
> mintty-specific,

I think that's arguable. The images depend on certain features (and
option settings) of mintty -- like the auto-replacement of acsc
characters, smoothing settings, the ability to change the terminal's
lang settings independently of envvar values, etc.

> and it's bound to always be somewhat out-of-date and
> incomplete.

Well, of course.  Everything on the web is out of date 15 minutes after
posting.  That doesn't mean it has no value.

> I don't want to have to deal with requests to update it
> for new versions of a font, to add more fonts (for example CJK fonts),
> or to cover other aspects such as support for different languages or
> maths symbols. In other words, I think the "Terminal Font Chronicler"
> is a sizable project in its own right.

If there is any intent to ensure it is comprehensive and current, yes. I
don't have any such intent.  It was reasonably comprehensive, and
current as of the date it was created.  Good enough for me.

> I should add an entry about choosing a font to the Tips wiki page
> though, plugging DejaVu Sans and linking to your review, if you're
> planning on keeping it at its current location.  I've been hitting Peter's bandwidth at pretty
hard lately (with the mingw cross compiler hosted there for the last
month, and now this page with 2.4MB of images), so I want to move or
delete the page.

Many of the references I found around the net about terminal fonts were
in the form of blog posts.  Blog posts are naturally dated, and nobody
expects a blogger to go back months later and update an old post (maybe
fix typos within a few days of posting, but beyond that, no).

So, I reckon I'll put it up on a blog post somewhere.  Maybe I'll start
a special purpose blog at blogspot or something.


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