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Re: allowed Linux characters (and windows substitutes)...

sweinberger wrote:

Since ":" and "\" are not acceptable characters in a Linux path, I had to
work around the problem.
I don't know where you got this idea, but on linux, you can put : and "\" in filenames just fine. Only "/" and "\000" (ASCII NUL) can't
be in a _file_name ("/", obviously works fine in pathnames).

/home> uname --kernel-name --hardware-platform
/home> llg -d C*
drwsrwsr-x  4 lw  devel    4096 May 29 10:38 CPAN-ishtar-build-cache/
drwxrwx--- 65 lw  lwgrp    4096 Mar  2  2010 C:\Windows/

Note in my "C:\Windows" dir, that's a real colon and backslash,

Not the "full-width" or "presentation forms" one has to use to get a similar
filename on Windows...

Colon:      "ï"    U+FE13 (Presentation Form for Vertical Colon)
Backslash:  "ï"    U+FF3C (FullWidth Reverse Solidus)

There also also 'small colon and small reverse solidus' but I've not
used them but they would also appear to work to _display_ a colon and
backslash in a windows filename.

However, on Linux the 'ascii' versions work just fine. 0x3a(colon) & 0x5c(backslash/reverse solidus).

Note, : and \ have no special meaning on linux -- so they are not device or
directory separators if that was something you needed.

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