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Re: Can't talk to X server through ssh tunnel after ~ 18 minutes

On 05/26/11 08:39, Jon TURNEY wrote:
On 26/05/2011 00:47, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
On 5/25/2011 11:01 AM, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
On 5/25/2011 12:43 PM, Andrew DeFaria said this:
I ssh from my Cygwin box to a Linux machine (happens with Solaris machines
too) and I can run X applications back to Cygwin/X without a problem.
However, after a few minutes something happens to the tunnel and I can no
longer put up any X windows:
What arguments are you using to start the ssh session?
The only argument is -X. Like I said, I was able to put up X windows through
the ssh tunnel. Then, after some, it stops working - consistently.

I'd guess this is something to do with an untrusted xauth cookie with a 20
minute timeout being generated, although exactly how that can happen if you
are using an X server without the SECURITY extension (as Cygwin/X servers have
been built for the past couple of years), I don't quite understand.

See 'ForwardX11Timeout' in 'man ssh_config'

Use 'ssh -Y'
Ah yes. That seems to have done it. Thanks. Interestingly Cygwin has this ForwardX11Timeout in man ssh_config but the Linux system doesn't!

Now I need to characterize my problem with the samba serviced shared home directory that keeps me from sharing my ~/.ssh/config...
Andrew DeFaria <>
How come abbreviated is such a long word?

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