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Re: Cygwin and Windows Paths Leaking Through

Hi Chuck,

You are right.  I had to create a separate folder, which in my case I used
your advice and did /usr/local/build-binutils.

I also found out that the reason for my earlier problems with the make file
complaining about carriage returns was because I used WinZip to expand the file and not tar.

Creating a separate folder and doing make failed with the process saying
that some folder was already configured.  Obviously, working in the same
folder corrupted things, so I decided to start off clean.  I deleted my
source folder and used tar to create and expand things into the
/usr/local/binutils-2.21 folder.  I got a complaint during the tar process
about unable to set 501 permission on files, but I ignored those.

I then went to the newly created build-binutils folder and did the tree
steps (configure line, make, make install) and everything completed with no
errors or warnings.

My problem was as you said.  I built from the source folder rather than a
new folder.

I learnt something new.

Thank you Chuck!

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