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Re: Cygwin and Windows Paths Leaking Through

Here's your problem: binutils and gcc don't support compiling "in the
> source tree".  You need to create a separate, empty build directory
> *outside* the src directory, and run configure/make in there.

I did just that.

I downloaded binutils-2.21 and expanded everything into a new empty folder. 
Here is where I downloaded everything to:


/binutils-2.21 is a new folder.

I changed directories to that folder, executed the .configure line, in my

./configure --target=mips-elf

and I then entered "make" (without the double quotes).

I got most of the way through, but keeled over in the ld subfolder with the
error message shown above.

The make file changed the active path to /usr/local/bin-utils-2.21/ld

The make file then executed:

LIB_PATH='' /bin/sh ./ "." "/usr/local/lib" "/usr/local"
"/usr/local" i686-pc-cygwin mips-unknown-elf mips-elf "elf32ebmip"
"/usr/local/lib /lib /usr/lib" no elf32ebmip "mips-elf"

You can type the above command line directly and get the same error, namely:

: No such file or directory line 2: ./emulparams/

The shell script thinks that ./emulparams/ does not exist.  From
its point of view it does not, because of Windows path / Cygwin path
differences.  The shell script thinks of the path as C:/.../ for
whatever reason.  The relative path does not matter.


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