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Re: mintty fonts (was: Re: setup and mintty)

On 25 May 2011 22:00, Ryan Johnson wrote:
> On 25/05/2011 3:48 PM, Andy Koppe wrote:
>> On 25 May 2011 19:05, Ryan Johnson wrote:
>>>>> How do you get mintty to see Liberation Mono? I downloaded the family
>>>>> from
>>>>> redhat, installed it on my w7-x64 machine, made sure it was set to
>>>>> 'show,'
>>>>> and started a fresh mintty, but it still can't find the font.
>>>> Works for me, on w7-x64. Make sure the font shows up in the Fonts
>>>> control panel and that it isn't hidden, i.e. not appearing greyed out.
>>>> There's a 'Show' button along the top of the panel in case it is.
>>> I tried to say before that I have done that (I saw the closed bug about
>>> this
>>> and made sure to follow the instructions there). Unchecking that setting
>>> about language-specific hiding made a whole bunch of other (presumably
>>> Asian) fonts show up in mintty, but still no Liberation Mono.
>> I actually wasn't talking about that option, but the abilily to
>> show/hide each font separately. But it doesn't sound like that's the
>> issue anyway.
>>> The font is officially installed, officially showing, and usable by just
>>> about everything except mintty. Most apps (like Word) picked it up
>>> immediately.
>> Right, I'm afraid that leaves me stumped, given it's fine here. Do you
>> fancy messing with the mintty source code to see which flag on
>> ChooseFont() is excluding that font? It's in select_font() in
>> winctrls.c. I guess CF_FIXEDPITCHONLY is the prime candidate.
> Removing CF_FIXEDPITCHONLY indeed allows the font to show (and a whole pile
> of non fixed-pitch friends). Apparently the font version I downloaded
> (liberation-fonts-ttf- doesn't mark itself as fixed-pitch?
> When I select liberation mono, ChooseFont populates the LOGFONT with
> lfPitchAndFamily=0x32. MSDN says:
>> The two low-order bits specify the pitch of the font and can be one of the
>> following values.
> Sure enough, grep-find over /usr/include/w32api shows:
>> wingdi.h:380:#define VARIABLE_PITCH 2

Thanks very much for investigating.

> I guess somebody needs to file a bug with, but I didn't see
> an obvious way to request an account with them. Do you have one by chance?

Nope, sorry.

Clicking at the first hopeful-looking Google result for "Liberation
Mono", I'd downloaded it from a site called Apparently I
picked up an old version without that problem: 1.04.


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