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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {bzip2/libbz2_1/libbz2-devel}-1.0.6-2

The bzip2 package has been updated to version 1.0.6-2. bzip2 is a
patent-unencumbered but highly effective compression library, and
also provides the bzip2.exe / bunzip2.exe utilities. This is a
packaging update.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-4 ]]

CHANGES since 1.0.6-1
* Adopt autoconf-based (internal) build system, based on's bzip2 distribution.
  - Side effect: no longer export symbols from DLL that are
    not declared as public exports in the bzlib.h header.
    Technically, this is an ABI change, but as these symbols
    were never intended to be public, AND they could never
    actually be used by external clients without significant
    hackery, I did /not/ change the DLL number. It remains
* Add patch from gentoo/mandrake that adds a --show-progress
  option to the bzip2 executable.

Charles Wilson
volunteer bzip2 maintainer for cygwin


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