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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: {xz/liblzma-devel}-5.0.2_20110517-1; New: liblzma5-5.0.2_20110517-1

The xz package is the successor to lzma.  Its command-line tools
support both .lzma files and the new .xz format, and it ships with
compatibility links so you don't even need to retrain your fingers:
'lzma', 'lzcat', etc, are all still present. However, you probably
should: .xz files are already being used by some upstream source
distribution sites, including GNU FSF, and the new format includes
features (such as internal integrity checks) that the old .lzma
format lacks.

The xz package provides a new runtime library: liblzma supports
encoding as well as decoding, both .lzma and .xz streams. The older
liblzmadec library supported decoding .lzma streams only.

This is the first cygwin release of xz since it has been declared
'stable' by upstream (that is, non-beta).  Thus, the upstream DLL
number has been changed to "5", so all newly built clients will use
'cyglzma-5.dll' rather than the beta 'cyglzma-1.dll'.

[[ compiled using gcc-4.3.4-4 ]]

CHANGES (since 4.999.9beta-11)
o Update to 2011-May-17 git snapshot
  Tue May 17 12:26:28 2011 +0300
  - contains a few fixes and back-compatibility corrections, relative
    to the official 5.0.2 source distribution
o Upstream changes:
  - memory usage limits are disabled by default (use --memory=...)
  - XZ_DEFAULTS variable is now supported
  - new 'xz --list' option (use --verbose repeatedly for detailed output)
  - fixed memory leak
  - fixed encoding issue with "empty blocks"
  - documentation improvements
  - bump soname to 5.0.2 (dllname = 5)
o Bump DLL package to "5" to match dllname of post-5.0 releases.

Charles Wilson
volunteer xz maintainer for cygwin


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