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perl can't load shared libraries

Each time I try to run a perl script (or perl) I get the
following error:

  /bin/perl.exe: error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot
    open shared object file: No such file or directory

(BTW, I have a ton of stuff I've installed from CPAN including
Net::Twitter, Moose, and an updated version of the 'cpan'
command, itself.)

'cygcheck' seems to think that all the "stuff" that I identify as
perl-related is hunky dory.

Note: All I want to do now is get Perl running, I'll worry about
      the Cygwin ports issues described below, later. I only
      describe them to show how I got into this predicament.

This problem started when several consecutive attempts to run 'setup'
against the Cygwin Ports server failed at various different
points -- using the directions given at

* In the first three attempts I tried running:
> the command given at the Cygwin ports web site:
    = cygstart -- .../setup.exe -K \
    = from a bash script. (I assumed the 'cygstart' "preamble"
            implied that this was supposed to be run from Cygwin, no?)
> the first try failed early on.
> the second one failed at a C header file, saying it was busy
> the third failed at the exact same place
* I then tried running:
> ...\setup.exe -K \
> from a '.bat' file from a 'cmd.exe' window
> this failed at least three times, at the same place
    if I selected the same packages, but not at the same place as
    with the shell script. However, in all probability, I did not
    have the same packages selected for the 'cmd.exe' runs as the
    'bash' runs.
* I then tried running the setup command
  ('...\setup.exe -K from a quick
  launch shortcut. Here, the results were never successful,
  stopping at a different place each time.

At this point, I started to do some testing to see if my
configuration was working. I discovered that several regular
Cygwin apps were broken, and I attempted to fix these by
rerunning the standard setup against a single standard Cygwin
setup server, reinstalling the broken apps, trying, on different
runs at least three different servers. I seem to have gotten
everything fixed except 'perl'.

I then ran a reinstall off all the perl stuff using a standard
Cygwin setup server, and the Cygwin ports server, and I was
successful fixing 'perl' (at least as reported by "cygcheck."

The perl shared library load problem persisted.

I then tried running 'rebaseall' from dash, with all Cygwin
process "extinguished". The 'rebaseall' run failed, and the perl
shared library problem persists.

I'm out of ideas. Suggestions?

Attached is my cygcheck output.

My AV software is Kaspersky. I have it set to exclude mucking
with Cygwin directories, and it always has informed me (in the
past) when it's intervening with anything. I believe I'm not
using any other potential BLODAs.


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