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Re: xconfig: No such file or directory

On 15 May 2011 12:24, Klonuo Umom <> wrote:
>> you can use atlas/lapack supplied by cygwin (search for them using the
>> search window of the
>> install.exe)
>> You probably don't really need atlas âÂit is just one of many
>> implementations of lapack, and
>> moreover IMHO it just does not build on Cygwin.
> I searched in cygwin setup for atlas, but nothing came out. Now after
> your reply I searched for lapack and I can see it as option
> I need atlas as I wanted to build numpy and scipy on cygwin, but after
> couple hours trying to build other necessary to me Python packages I
> think all this is a bad idea

No, not at all. Scipy and Numpy all can be built and run on Cygwin.
And you do not need Atlas for this.
We do this for Sage: (
(right now it's not working as a whole, but things like scipy and
numpy certainly worked and  work)

> BTW, 'xconfig' error was because of missing 'make'. I missed it somehow.
> I really don't know anything *nix related, but I've build occasionally
> on Msys/Mingw and Cygwin when there was no other option and building was
> straightforward

certainly you would need a reasonably complete Cygwin development
toolset: compilers, make/autoconf, etc etc in order to do any serious
development on Cygwin.

If you are having problems figuring out what you need to install, just
install the whole thing ââ it's still a much smaller download than an
M$ Studio :â)

> Cheers
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Dmitrii Pasechnik
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