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Re: Copy to network UNC path from crontab works in non-production, not in production

On 5/11/2011 9:20 PM, CygwinNoob wrote:

Thanks for responding so quickly! I will try using the forward slashes in Production. It may take a few days because I don't have direct access to the Production environment and I have to go through sort of remote hands.

The source server queries Oracle databases through shell scripts running in
a Cygwin bash shell and sends the output files to the target server which is
running SQL Server.  No problem doing that interactively in Production, but
I can't do it from ssh or cron in Production and I can do it in the
non-Production environment.  I cannot see any differences between the two

If you're saying that in the non-Production environment it works both interactively and from cron and ssh, then I can only assume that something in the FAQ and User's Guide is in play on that machine. In general, access to network resources is restricted for services, which is what crond and sshd are. You need to follow the advice in the FAQ and/or User's Guide (the ones you referenced in your first post) to enable access for crond and sshd.



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