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RE: determining what user mounted a drive

Len Giambrone sent the following at Tuesday, May 10, 2011 5:25 PM
>Is there a way of determining with what user credentials a share was
>mounted? I suppose I could touch a file on the drive and then find out
>who the owner is, but that's not ideal.
>mount will tell me that it's a user mount, but won't tell me WHICH user.
>Is there some way (windows native or Cygwin) of getting this

I do not know but here is a guess.  Wouldn't any user mount be that of
the current user?  Isn't that the point of user mounts - I only see my
own?  And if I'm root, I only see system mounts?

And if you want to see the user mounts of individual users, according to
the UG <>, that
should be in </etc/fstab.d/user_name>.

Otherwise, what about the following?
$ stat -c %U /mount_point

But if you are talking about, something that happened before a cygwin
process was lanched, I think you want to use the word "mapped", not
"mounted" and I can't say much more than that.

- Barry
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