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Re: Who's using "CYGWIN=tty" and why?

Am 09.05.2011 18:10, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:

Chris and I are wondering how many people are using the Windows console as local console window in CYGWIN=tty mode and why.

Here's why we ask:

We are both not sure why anybody would use it voluntarily, given that
it's I/O is extremly slow, compared to using a Windows console window in
the default CYGWIN=notty mode or, even better, mintty.  Actually, we
only keep the console tty mode up because it was "always there", 14
years or so.

So, if you're using a console in tty mode, why are doing that?  Did you
ever notice that it's much slower?  Did you ever consider to switch to
mintty or any other terminal emulator instead?  If not, why?  Would
anybody really *miss* the CYGWIN=tty mode?  If so, why?  What does this
mode have which isn't covered by notty mode or another terminal
I don't use it but there is one difference that I actually reported years ago:
and I mentioned it again in
- later I tried to debug again and saw that with CYGWIN=tty, one fhandler_console object drives console I/O whereas with CYGWIN=notty 3 objects are created (for stdin, stdout, stderr). This is the reason for the cursor position response code getting lost because it is pushed into the wrong fhandler_console object. I tried to patch it but it got all messed up so I didn't post anything then.

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