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Re: Who's using "CYGWIN=tty" and why?

> Chris and I are wondering how many people are using the Windows console
> as local console window in CYGWIN=tty mode and why.

/usr/share/doc/screen/README.Cygwin says:

"In a DOS console, screen works, but in order to be able to reattach
detached sessions, you must set "tty" in the CYGWIN environment
variable.... If you use screen in a DOS console without CYGWIN=tty, you
will be able to detach sessions, but reattaching to them later is likely to
fail.  Then you'll have to use 'screen -wipe' to clear out your old
unusable sessions, and you may have to manually kill their child

So it seems that screen users who are still using a DOS console need
CYGWIN=tty.  I have no idea how many such people there are.

If CYGWIN=tty is going away, then we could simply tell screen users that
the DOS console is no longer supported in screen, since reattaching there
is likely to fail.


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