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Re: unknown command diff

On Mon, May 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM, retrodans <> wrote:
> Okay, that seems much better, for some reason the file wasn't going onto the
> root of c, but running it directly to desktop worked a treat, so have
> attached the file now.

If you run from the command prompt, then your current directory is
/home/dan, in other words, C:\cygwin\home\dan
You should find cygcheck.out from your earlier run, there.

> As a note, I had installed cygwin some time ago, but did not use it back
> then, so if a fresh re-install is required, then I can do so.

If there is no C:\cygwin\bin\diff.exe then reinstalling the diffutils
package may help.
Run the Cygwin setup, find diffutils under Utils, and click on the
circular arrows until it says Reinstall.

Hope this helps,
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