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Fwd: Re: Why doesn't ~/inputrc work

(Meant to send this to cygwin as well in case it helps anyone else.)

On 5/7/2011 2:24 PM, Andy Koppe wrote:
On 28 April 2011 13:40, Eliot Moss wrote:

Beyond that, I found that I needed to:

set convert-meta on

That's not a solution for everyone, because it makes it impossible to enter characters beyond 7-bit ASCII. The setting means that input bytes with the eighth bit set have that bit cleared and are prefixed by an escape character instead.

To make this work without enabling convert-meta, try using "\eb"
instead of "\M-B". Here's why: << explanation deleted >>

Thank you, Andy! Very helpful!

I found that this worked "out of the box" for stand-alone rxvt, but that for
xterm (my more usual terminal since I usually run under X) I had to fiddle
with my .Xdefaults and set XTerm*metaSendsEscape: true and altIsNotMeta: true
(the latter, confusingly (to me anyway) given its name, actually causes the
Alt key on my terminal to be considered as setting the Meta modifier in xterm).
The alt-b (for example) matches "\eb" in .inputrc.

Best wishes -- Eliot Moss

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