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Re: Emacs backgrounds itself

On 5/5/2011 10:34 AM, Ryan Johnson wrote:
Hi all,

Strange one here... I just updated emacs and a bunch of other packages,
and for some reason 'emacs -nw' now backgrounds itself immediately after
starting, and again each time I try to foreground it afterward. If I run
emacs-X11 directly (again, in -nw mode) it segfaults during startup, but
I haven't been able to catch it in the act using gcc (it seems to load
properly under gcc but keyboard handling is worthless). Cygcheck output
is attached.

You should be attaching the output of 'cygcheck -s -v -r'.

I've tried running a home-built emacs-23.3.1 and it behaves the same
way; running the same home-built binary against an older install I
happened to have laying around works normally, so some library update
must be the culprit. To help narrow things down a bit, a diff of old vs.
new cygcheck outputs is also attached.

Have you tried rebaseall?


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