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Re: Zsh completion problem

On Thu, 24 Mar 2011, Vikas Mishra wrote:


Greetings, Vikas,

I have been trying to use Zsh on cygwin. I am having some trouble with
completion. Basically if I load compinit, the tab completion doesn't
work at all. On commenting out the compinit loading/invokation from
the command line, it works correctly.  This is a cygwin only problem,
the same zshrc file works without issues on Linux.

I did a search of the mailing lists and it recommended Commenting the
compinit, deleting the .zcompdump file, Starting a new shell, running
compinit and then finally uncommenting it. That doesn't fix the
problem for me. I don't think I have a corrupted .zcompdump file (at
least it doesn't appear corrupted to my untrained eyes).

The ultimate cause of this particular problem was permissions on the "functions" directories not being to zsh's liking (ie: having write permission for group or other). This was a build error on my part for 4.3.11-1, which was corrected in 4.3.11-2. (Make sure you have installed 4.3.11-2, btw :-)

With the permissions wrong, compinit fails to load any of the completion
functions and ends up creating a very, very abbreviated .zcompdump file
(less than 1k in size, versus > 30k size).
You can tell this by looking at the .zcompdump and if it things like
_comps() are mostly empty, then you are hitting the problem.

Verify that you .zcompdump has move that a few functions in it and verify
the permissions on all directories under /usr/share/zsh/4.3.11 are 755
(rwxr-xr-x) and that all files under those directories are 644

This is, of course, assuming that this is the problem you are
experiencing, rather than some new, unidentified, problem :-)

If you've checked the above, then the next thing is to send me your
.zshrc (or at least those parts of if you feel exhibit the problem).

Cygwin version is 4.3.11. Any suggestions/hints? cygcheck doesn't
report anything obvious (It reports tetex-bin is incomplete, but I
don't think they are related).


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