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RE: Slight issue in base-files-4.0-6

>>> If you want to use a ksh derivative, you are probably better 
>>> switching to mksh, which is actively mantained.
>>> IOW, /etc/profile no longer supports pdksh. If you want to keep 
>>> using it, you'll need to explicitely add support for it (as you've 
>>> done already).
>>Agreed, however, the point about properly escaping the PS1 fields 
>>still  holds for mksh.  I hadn't noticed because I have my own custom 
>>.mshrc that  sets PS1.
>WJFFM with the PS1 setting included in 4.0-6 for mksh.

Just tried and for mksh it IS ok with \033. Must just be pdksh which has the problem.
That said, mksh works with ^[ too.

>> Don't really mind. Just felt that whilst people could still install 
>> pdksh it should work for that too.
>> Then when pdksh gets pulled off the install list properly, it could go 
>> from profile file then (it's only a case tweak in the mean time anyway).
>Maybe it should be considered to drop pdksh from the distro, being mksh a mantained replacement and pdksh orphaned and upstream unmantained.

We'd need mksh to network shares for homes first though.
My home is: //<servername>/gbravery and it really doesn't like it.


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