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Re: Slight issue in base-files-4.0-6

2011/3/22, Bravery, Gavin S wrote:
> I have a minor issue with the /etc/profile file in base files.
> I still use KSH (generally pdksh) and there is a problem with how this file
> is setting PS1.
> Basically, the escapes aren't working right (in XWindows at the very least).
> So I have now changed it to say:
>   case "${KSH_VERSION}" in
>   *MIRBSD*KSH* )
>     PS1=$(print '^[]0;${PWD}\n^[[32m${USER}@${HOSTNAME}
> ^[[33m${PWD/${HOME}/~}^[[0m\n$ ')
>     ;;
>   *PD*KSH* )
>     PS1=$(print '^[]0;${PWD}\n^[[32m${USER}@${HOSTNAME} ^[[33m${PWD}^[[0m\n$
> ')
>     ;;
>   esac
> Please note, ^[ means I have done CTRL-V + ESC.
> Also, MKSH and PDKSH need different settings, as PDKSH doesn't seem to have
> the ${name/pattern/replacement} syntax.


Although pdksh is still installable using setup.exe, it is officially
orphaned and upstream
development ceased a long ago (5.2.14 is from Jul '99, and cygwin's
5.2.14-3 is from Dec '03).
If you want to use a ksh derivative, you are probably better switching
to mksh, which
is actively mantained.
IOW, /etc/profile no longer supports pdksh. If you want to keep using
it, you'll need
to explicitely add support for it (as you've done already).

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