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gzip --rsyncable not available in Cygwin

What would it take to get the "gzip --rsyncable" feature included in Cygwin gzip?

For anybody not familiar with it, this feature enables huge bandwidth savings when needing to regularly replicate large compressed files between remote systems where there are only small changes to the files.

It is available in RedHat gzip 1.3.3 and Debian gzip 1.3.12, but not in Cygwin gzip 1.3.12 - perhaps because it has not been adopted upstream by ?

I believe that this feature was first developed by renowned Linux Kernel hacker Rusty Russell in about 2001:

A patch for Cygwin gzip 1.3.12 was created by G.W. Haywood in 2008:

Currently I can not even build the *unpatched* gzip-1.3.12-2 from source with Cygwin... but that's another issue (already posted).

Really hopeful that this useful feature could just be added to the standard Cygwin gzip, but not sure who to ask, hence this posting.

Yuri McPhedran

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