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Re: Fedora Cygwin RPM repository

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 12:36:54PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>Hi Yaakov,
>On Mar 12 23:37, Yaakov (Cygwin/X) wrote:
>> In response to recent inquiries, I have created a repository of
>> Linux-to-Cygwin cross-compilers for Fedora 14 i686 and x86_64 which
>> include GCC, Cygwin, and a handful of libraries.  Also included are the
>> necessary mingw32 packages with static libraries for cross-compiling
>> Cygwin's setup.exe.
>> These packages can be installed with Yum and the PackageKit frontends by
>> first downloading and installing the release RPM from Sourceforge:
>> As these are not official products of the Cygwin project, please direct
>> any questions or issues to the cygwin-ports-general list for now.
>this offer is way cool.  Thanks for doing this, because this allows my lazy
>self to switch to the latest gcc to build Cygwin without having to build
>the compiler and all the stuff myself.  Really cool.
>I've just tested to build Cygwin with this gcc, and I have only two small
>- libbfd.a and the bfd.h header have to be manually installed, otherwise
>  I can't build dumper.exe.  It would be nice to get a minimal cygwin-bfd
>  runtime package as well to support my lazyness even more. :)
>- The w32api headers are in their own w32api include directory, but the
>  w32api link libs are in sys-root/usr/lib instead of sys-root/usr/lib/w32api
>  where they belong.  I think this should be fixed.
>Other than that, thanks again.  I think this deserves a gold star.

Absolutely.  I haven't been looking forward to rerolling a linux cross compiler.
It's nice to have one from someone who really knows this stuff.


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